SERAPHINA  (pastel on paper 45x60cm)

URBAN  (pastel on paper 180 x 150 cm)

Puorquoi La Fleur est-elle si Vanesseuse - SOLD (pastel on gessoed board 24"x32")

PYGMALION'S MUSE  (pastel on paper 50 x 64cm)

RENDEZ-VOUS AVEC LOUIS - SOLD (pastel on paper 50x60cm)

AVIVA - SOLD (pastel on paper 50x60cm)

WAXCAY - SOLD (14"x18" pastel on paper)

ERIN - SOLD (pastel on paper 24"x42")

MÄNNLICHER AKT -SOLD (pastel on paper45x60cm)

ON THE WAY TO NORMAN'S KAY (pastel on paper 35x45cm)

PASTIS - (pastel on gessoed board 100x75cm)

LA FÉE VERTE - (pastel on gessoed board 100x75cm)

JESSICA - SOLD (pastel on paper 14"x18")

PINK PEONIE SQUARE - SOLD (pastel on gessoed board 15"x15")

STILL LIFE WITH CRATE - SOLD (pastel on paper 45x45cm)

TOM - SOLD (pastel on paper 45x60cm)

OTHELLO -SOLD (pastel on paper 50x40cm)

SAKEENA - SOLD (pastel on paper 45x60cm)

AMOR ac BELLUM - SOLD (graphite on paper 15"x15")

GIRL IN TURMOIL SOLD (pastel on paper 45x60cm)

DARK VENUS - SOLD (pastel on paper 18"x28")

BURNING SKULL - SOLD (pastel on paper 18"x18")

FLOATING II - SOLD (pastel on gessoed board 30"x40")

WHITE HYDRANGEAS I - SOLD (pastel on gessoed board 30"x40")

Blue Hydrangeas, available as limited edition giclée print 24"x32"

THE FOUNTAIN - SOLD (pastel on gessoed board 30"x40")

NURIEL - (pastel on paper 150x200cm)

AURORA detail - 1 SOLD (limited edition of 3, giclée print on canvas)

HYDRANGEA SQUARE - SOLD (pastel on gessoed board 152x15")

PINK PEONIES - SOLD (pastel on gessoed board 30"x40")

FLOATING 1 - SOLD (pastel on paper 12 x 16")

VANITAS - SOLD (pastel on paper 45x60cm)

MONSIGNEUR McCANN - SOLD (pastel on gessoed board 40"x60"

QUINTUPLETS - SOLD (pastel on gessoed board 10"x14")

TIGER LILLIES - SOLD (pastel on paper)

CHINA DOLL - SOLD (pastel on paper)

PASSION FLOWER WREATH SOLD (pastel on paper 15"x15")

DÉJEUNER AUX PRINTEMPS -SOLD (pastel on gessoed board 30"x40")

GRINNING SKULL - SOLD (pastel on paper 18"x18")

TULIPS AND APPLES - SOLD (pastel on paper)

TANGERINE TEA - SOLD (pastel on paper 50x60cm)

FLYING HYDRANGEAS  (15" x 15" 2006)

Rendezvous avec Louis XIII - pastel on paper 20"x26"