A picture speaks a thousand words, and consequently I do not believe in speaking or writing about my own paintings. Instead I will use this space to share some thoughts, that other people have had about my work:

Lena, work in progress, June 2. 2017

“In her art Diana Pinck combines fragility, strength and sensuality. Her creativity and fine touch of color is completely unique, and it shows her sensitivity and spirituality. She has the gift to capture the essence of the soul and beauty of her subject in a profound way." - Sonjja Baram, fashion designer and entrepreneur.

“Deciding on which one of Diana Pinck’s paintings I was going to buy, was like deciding on my favorite sunset or what playboy centerfold I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. This one… and this one… and this one.” - W. G. Griffith, author.

“Diana is a very talented artist. She has the unique gift of being able to sublimate her thoughts, communicate and express her ideas through a variety of mediums. Her artwork captures so many different feelings and emotions - outstanding work.” - Joseph Kote, fine artist.

“Like no other arts I know, Diana Pinck uses her hands, her mind and her soul as a tool to create her paintings, which are full of color and life and emotions. She paints our lives rainbow.” - Enkelejd Mezini, actor.

“Diana Pinck’s art is a profound expression of her higher self. She blends her paintings, photography and written work to produce unique stories of human expression. Her art resonates with me deeply because of the sensual and romantic nature of her work.” - Venus Quintana, writer and media personality.