ISKS Artists 2017

Sunset, Portugal Vilanove-de-Milfontes by Fabio Crudele, ISKS artist 2017Photographer:
Fabio Crudele


Handmade necklace by Sheila Westera, ISKS artist 2017Jewelry Designer:
Sheila Westera

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Diana Pinck, May 8. 2017

The extraordinary Swiss photographer, Fabio Crudele says this about his own work:

M42 The largest Orion Nebula, photographed by Fabio Crudele, ISKS artist 2017“Ever since I can remember, I was fascinated by the stars and planets, the galaxies and the cosmos. This great passion led me study astronomy and to attempt to capture the beauty of the night sky with my camera over and over again. In time, I gained more experience, and two main themes emerged:

My Deep Sky series shows fascinatingly beautiful objects, some of which are a mere few thousand lightyears away, while others can be millions of light years away. My other work depicts our home galaxy, the Milky Way, in combination with the most beautiful landscapes of mother earth. In all my photography I try to show the awe and fascination I hold for our planet and also for being in general."

Sheila Westera

Statement Piece: cocktail ring by Sheila Westera, ISKS artist 2017At the inception of ISKS, I knew immediately, that I wanted to exhibit extraordinary jewelry. Each piece would have to be a small sculpture, a wearable piece of art. Once again I am overjoyed and grateful, for the universe granted my wish, and brought me Sheila Westera. Her handmade masterpieces are precisely what I imagined for ISKS. The London based artist is currently on a creative retreat in a tiny mountain village near Lucerne, and ready for the world premier of her new collection.


In these pieces, the artist finds inspiration “One is attracted to the stone one will benefit from wearing”, Sheila Westera, ISKS artist 2017in nature all around her, in childhood dreams and memories, the cosmos, and of course in the stones themselves. Each piece of jewelry is a completely formidable piece of wearable art, a statement. At the same time, there is nothing gaudy or flashy about it. I feel  rather, that it creates a bridge and connects the wearer with mother earth and the cosmos.

(D. P., May 9th, 2017)


Sheila Westera was born Dutch, but has made London her home base. Currently on a long creative hiatus, she is living in the Swiss mountain village of Engelberg, a half an hour from the beautiful city of Lucerne. This is what she says about her own unique collections:

“The stones tell their own stories”, Sheila Westera, ISKS artist 2017“Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the many shapes and forms of nature and the cosmos. I studied Architecture and Art History, and then worked in the high-end jewelry industry in Amsterdam.”

“Working with the large raw crystals, precious and semi-precious stones, I am passionate about telling their stories. These narratives are often based on childhood memories and dreams. I also developed my own unique wire bending technique. It is signature to all my pieces. For each stone I build a unique frame or nest, by weaving, webbing and lacing precious wire in an unconventional, almost organic approach, creating unique wearable pieces of art."